Past ASCF Events and News

Here is a list of all the events we have held over the lifetime of ASCF.

2019: Another Year of Smiles with ASCF!
  • 2019 Mother and Daughter Tea - Sunday, June 2nd, 2019
    - A Chari-Tea to benefit the Amanda Styles Cirelli Foundation at the Stanton Ridge Country Club.

2017: A Year in Review.
  • December —
    - ASCF commemorated the 10th Anniversary of Mandy’s passing by donating $50,000 to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Funds will be allocated to cutting-edge research initiatives. December 23rd was the 10th Anniversary of losing Mandy. She will forever be in our hearts and her smile will live on though all she has touched and continues to touch through ASCF. We thank our donors for making not only this donation possible but for helping make everything that ASCF is able to do possible.
    Thank you for helping ASCF help put “A Smile on a Child’s Face”.
  • December —
    - A special thank you to Michael in Long Island for choosing to help ASCF for his Eagle Scout Project. Michael raised funds to create 30 Smile Bags for Teens at Cohen’s Children’s Hospital. ASCF is honored to have been chosen for this project, which requires much time and dedication. Thank you Michael!
  • December —
    - ASCF was thrilled to once again help fund families from The Morgan Center to attend NYC’s Christmas Spectacular. This is such a special gift of memories to last a lifetime for all able to attend.
  • December —
    - ASCF funded food and beverages for the Holiday Party at The Bristol Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital. Games, Crafts, Music, and Food all helped bring smiles to the children, their families and to the staff this holiday season.
  • December —
    - The Jr Red Devils Cheer Association collected and donated over 100 brand new crafts and toys for the children at Goryeb Children’s Hospital. ASCF is so appreciative of these Cheerleaders spreading holiday cheer to children for the holiday season. Great job girls! GO JRD!
  • December —
    - At the request of The Valerie Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital, ASCF once again, provided 50 Medical Play Cat Kits to help the children role play their treatment procedures with medical staff, family & friends.
  • November —
    - SAGE & Attachments in Flemington hosted a shopping event for ASCF. A % of proceeds from the day/evening was donated to ASCF. It was a great excuse to make some extra purchases.
  • November —
    - 5K in Oyster Bay! The Oyster Bay Turkey Trot selected ASCF as one of their 3 charitable recipients. Special thanks to all who braved the chilly start to their Thanksgiving Day.
  • November —
    - – A school wide event for ASCF took place at RFIS (Flemington, NJ) as they celebrated Unity Day. 5th/6th graders participated in a Smile Drive and collected fun gender-neutral items to create Smile Bags. Students collected and organized over 6,000 items which created 357 Smile Bags. The students also wrote letters of encouragement to children battling cancer in hopes it would also help put a smile on their face. Students brought Smile Bags outside to a line of cars including a police escort. Bags were immediately donated to The Hunterdon Medical Center and also to The Bristol Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital. A sincere thank you to Raegan’s principal for her dedication and enthusiasm towards this initiative. Not only did the Smile Bags help bring smiles to the children at the hospitals but there were hundreds of smiles among the children and their teachers while taking part in such a special experience. Thank you all so much!
  • October —
    - ASCF dropped off items from RWJ’s Wish List which include 5 additional DVD organizer/cases as well as numerous specific requested DVD titles. ASCF also brought an additional 100+ movies to the hospital as a result of generous friends donating their lovingly watched DVD’s.
  • October —
    - ASCF provided all food & beverages for a Halloween Party at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at RWJ.
  • September —
    - Johnson & Johnson chose ASCF to be the recipient of their “Day of Community Service”. Over 100 Global Leaders attended and created 625 “Boxes of Smiles” which were donated to The Valerie Fund. These boxes have/will be distributed among the 7 Valerie Centers right here in NJ over the next few months. This was a fun-filled afternoon! ASCF is truly honored to have had this opportunity which will help put smiles on so many children. Thank you for a wonderful day. It was such a pleasure to meet you all. Thank you also to ASCF Committee Members for all of their help making this day such a success.
  • September —
    - Jacob, Olivia & Rylee held a pop-up Lemonade Stand for ASCF (they will be purchasing fun items for Smile Bags with $ raised) Olivia has a special collection of new hats to donate as well. Way to go! ASCF is so thankful for your continued support! Thank you!
  • August —
    - CCFK (Cancer Center for Kids) hosted a very special gathering to celebrate the launch of their music video which ASCF funded as a result of a $20,000 donation made in 2015. It was an honor to be able to underwrite this unique experience! Remaining funds have/will be used to purchase new music instruments and technology as well as to sound proof the Music Therapy Room. Many have smiled, and many more will continue to do so as a result of this donation. ASCF is grateful for this special opportunity to help create smiles through music.
  • August —
    - Team YOLO along with their children assembled over 30 Smile Bags in Oyster Bay, NY and donated them to CCFK (Cancer Center for Kids) located in Mineola, NY. They assembled Smile Bags down by the bay which was one of Mandy’s favorite places. Thank you so much Team Yolo!
  • August —
    - ASCF provided funds to cover all food & beverage expenses for a Troll themed Summer Celebration at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at RWJ.
  • July —
    - Emily (Flemington, NJ) created a charity jar in her home. Family members and guests are encouraged to donate when possible. She even framed the description of ASCF to display next to the jar. To date, Emily has over $100 in her jar and is continuing to collect! Way to go Emily! ASCF thanks you for your continued support!
  • July —
    - Bridget and friends in Old Greenwich, CT hosted two Lemonade/Bake Stands to raise funds which they used to purchase items for Smile Bags. 20 Smile Bags were donated to the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center in NY. The girls had so much fun…they can’t wait to do it again! ASCF is very proud of them! Thank you Bridget and friends!
  • June —
    - ASCF donates $10,000 to The Morgan Center as a continued partnership with Team YOLO. 40 Smile Bags were brought to the graduation ceremony for the students and their siblings to celebrate Pre-School Graduation. It was a VERY special day! That evening, Team Yolo held an event to thank ASCF for its support in Oyster Bay at The Italian American Club. A 50/50 was held and Beautycounter was invited to introduce guests to safer products while donating a % of purchases to ASCF. A very special thank you to Jackie and Dani for their continued support.
  • June —
    - ASCF’s Smile Squad reaches Minnesota. Mandy’s nieces hosted a Lemonade Stand and also ran a 5K. Funds raised are being saved to create Smile Bags which will be donated to a nearby Children’s Hospital. Great job girls!
  • June —
    - Team 5B at RFIS (Flemington, NJ) held a Smile Drive and put together 60+ Smile Bags. Bags and Treasure Chest Items were donated to The Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at RWJ. Raegan created a slideshow and presented her ideas to her teacher as well as other teachers on Team B and administration. Raegan and friends checked in with each of the 6 classes every several days to remind fellow students of where their donations were going and to answer any questions. Donations were tallied as it became a bit of a fun class competition. An assembly brought the 6 classes together as students traveled in groups of 2-3 and assembled Smile Bags. Students helped carry 60+ Smile Bags to the car! That weekend, Raegan and 2 friends along with her teacher met at the hospital to drop off the donations which were met with big smiles! ASCF continues to be unbelievably proud of Raegan for all of the time and passion she puts forth to help make a difference among the lives of children fighting cancer. Thank you Raegan!
  • May —
    - Copper Hill Elem School (Flemington, NJ) held a Smile Drive and put together 20 Smile Bags which were donated to The Valerie Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital in Morristown. Kiera was the ambassador to this project. She put together a slideshow and presented it to her school principal and guidance counselor and then again at a school assembly to kick off the drive. Kiera explained her passion for ASCF and why she felt it was important to help put a smile on a child’s face. Kiera and friends assembled the bags after school one day and packed the car with their incredible donations. ASCF is so proud of you Kiera! Thank you so much for your continued support!
  • May —
    - $500 Assorted Gift Cards were gifted to tweens & teenagers. Various high-quality art supplies such as an assortment of canvases, acrylic paints and paintbrushes were also donated. These supplies were specifically requested for tweens & teenagers at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at RWJ. In addition, ASCF dropped off both new (requested titles) & over 100 lovingly watched movies donated from many local friends.
  • April – Atlanta, GA —
    - Boy Scout Troop and friends of Nicholas, solicited local businesses, family & friends for donations for 60 Smile Bags to CHOA (Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta). These kids had a GREAT time and had their very own well-deserved celebration afterwards. Great job Nicholas! So proud of you!
  • April —
    - 50 ASCF Smile Bags were donated to CHOP in honor of Brooke Mulford. Tammy was especially grateful to spend time with both Brooke and her mom Amy in Brooke’s hospital room.
  • April – Flemington, NJ —
    - Spring arrived! Raegan and friends had the first lemonade stand of the season for ASCF. Funds raised were saved and later used to purchase Smile Bags items with Emily. Emily also brought her proceeds from her previous Lemonade Stands as well.
  • March —
    – ASCF Smile Event! Biggest & BEST yet! It was a memorable evening at a beautiful venue with delicious food, fantastic live music from The Neighbors, exciting Raffle/Silent/Live Auctions and over 200 guests in attendance. Our 2 partnering hospitals, were very appreciative for the 80 sponsored Smile Bags to bring back with them that evening. The Smile Bags were immediately given out to the children the very next day. Funds raised from the Smile Event will help ASCF help put A Smile on a Child’s Face throughout the remainder of the year. Please continue to check our Facebook & Instagram for updates on how ASCF is spreading smiles.
  • February —
    - ASCF funded a Super Bowl Party for patients, families & staff on the Oncology/Hematology Floor at The Bristol Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital of RWJ.

2016: A Year of Smiles with ASCF!
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) —
    - $25,000 funding one of their top research initiatives – DIPG Research
    - ASCF officially surpassed donating over $150,000 to MSKCC the past 9 years with the donation above
  • The Valerie Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital -Morristown, NJ —
    – Continued funding of Beads of Courage Program
    – Numerous donations throughout the year of various items such as games/arts & crafts/ treasure chest items/bead bags/books/video games/etc
    - Pizza & Cupcake Party by ASCF - It was a very special day meeting families
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital -New Brunswick, NJ —
    – Continued funding of Beads of Courage Program
    – Decorated the Pediatric Oncology Floor with Spring decorations
    - Pizza Party with the patients, parents & staff
    - Decorated for the Winter Holidays
    - Numerous donations throughout the year of various items such as games/arts & crafts/toys/books/video games/movies/bead bags/etc.
  • The Morgan Center -Hicksville, New York —
    - Fieldtrip for families in December to Radio City Music Hall to see the Christmas Spectacular
    - Winter Holiday Party & gifts for the children and their families
  • Kids Helping Kids-Shout out thank you to the many children who helped ASCF in 2016 —
    Lemonade stands, baking sales, caroling at family holiday gatherings, chores, donating DVD’s and video games, arts & crafts, games, books, birthday/holiday gifts and lots more! ASCF is SO VERY proud of ALL the kids who helped ASCF put “A Smile on a Child’s Face”! ☺